Our craft, your companion

Every product we make should not just be elegant and made of high quality.

It should be a partner with a distinctive purpose: to keep your daily routines smooth, your actions frictionless. So you can perform at your highest level and focus on your most vital mission, no matter the surroundings.

We never settle and we will not rest until our vision is realized.

Our Signature leather

We only use Vegetable-Tanned Leather from gold-rated tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group. This guarantees that our leather is crafted with the highest environmental and labor standards.

Vegetable-Tanned Leather is a very rare material that retains natural imperfections and develops a beautiful patina with age. Every product is unique and has a story of its own to tell, as it absorbs the traces of its owner.

In one sentence, we never compromise on the world-class quality of our materials.

Designed in Scandinavia, Crafted in China

Drawing on our Scandinavian heritage, we keep our designs minimalistic and aesthetic, only adding features that result in the highest value in the eye of the user.

Our products are made by the most skilled craftsmen at our partner factory in Southern China. We do not hide the origin of our products, we are very proud of the high level craftsmanship and care that goes into them.