Kasper Maison

From Sweden going global

Scandinavian Design

Our Swedish roots can be seen in the minimalist simplicity of our designs. While designs themselves are simple, playful touches of inspiration recall our heritage. Every aspect from the size and cut of the pockets has been optimised for maximum functionality and comfort.

Eschewing fast fashion

Kasper Maison was created for the professionals, the achievers, the driven. Kasper Maison is a Swedish-born fashion brand that produces beautiful and functional leather goods using the highest quality genuine leather. Marrying the principles of Scandinavian minimalism with long-lasting vegetable tanned leather, our products are designed to age beautifully. We aspire to inspire the modern citizen by delivering aesthetic and functional lifestyle products. More partner than accessory, Kasper Maison is made for the discerning professional.

Designed to age beautifully

We don't believe in cheap, disposable accessories. That is why our products are made from the finest premium materials and are designed to improve with age. While cheaper and faster alternatives are available, we use vegetable tanned leather as it has a number benefits to the finished product:

  • It is "chromium-free" and does not use harmful chemicals
  • A more natural color and texture that gets softer and glossier over time
  • An irregular and handmade finish which makes every product unique
  • Much more long-lasting and durable than the alternatives

This artisanal process takes longer and requires more skilled and experienced workers but delivers results that cannot be compared in terms of durability, sustainability and craftsmanship.

Kasper Maison is in it for the long haul.